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April 03, 2020


We’ve all been thrown for a bit of a loop these last few weeks. Reactions vary. From person to person, situation to situation, moment to moment. As we all wait, it is easy to let the Spector of “if” loom too large and over shadow what is. 

We at TBC are taking a deep breath, stepping back, and adjusting sails (and maybe sales). We are remembering that there is another side to this. This is going to be a journey and a challenge. But, this will not end us. With the benefit of time and experience, this will be a memory of something we pulled through together, not something that broke us.

So here is what we are doing:

We are being safe and sane. No screaming and running down the streets. No hoarding of toilet paper. No taking vigorous notes while re-watching Mad Max.

We are making mental note of things we will need to stay healthy and want to stay happy. We are looking out for our neighbors. Dropping off extra food to the older, kind woman next door to make sure she is comfortable, too. We are exploring options for small businesses we can patronize, or tipping service workers a little extra when we are able, while staying safe on our end and theirs.

We are putting at the forefront of our intentions that we will be a positive force to balance the negative. We will appreciate the extra time we have with our families while we wait out the storm. We will snack too much and worry about the Coronachub at a later date. A date when things have calmed and the gym goes back to being a good idea. 

We have created a quarantine box in a separated space for packages to wait their 24 hour surface viability for cardboard or three day surface viability for plastics (it’s always plastics that are the worst option, isn’t it?) before we open them or we will use an effective EPA-approved disinfectant on all surfaces if we just can’t wait for the goodies inside. 

But mostly, we will use this time to de clutter our mental space. To refocus on what is important in life. To re-examine priorities and opportunities. To let those we love know, in no uncertain terms, they are so important to us. We will take small opportunities for self-care that help blunt the point of this intrusion.

So, from us to you, please don’t succumb to dread. Please do not fall victim to the imaginary foes of worry and fear. They are only strong enough to harm if fed. Plant your seeds in community (at a responsible social distance) and love and intention. Plan your actions - both short and long-term and prepare yourself for when we win. Because it will be here before you know it and what a beautiful celebration it is going to be. 

Our most heart felt and genuine love to every single one of you,

True Beauty Collective


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